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Halloween Madness!

Yes, it is September. Not even all that late in September. But this is the way my mind works. The way that some people can’t wait to put up their Christmas trees, hang up their stockings, and spend way too much money on presents is they way that I feel about putting fake spiderwebs, pumpkins and dead bodies around the house, planning for our annual Halloween Party, and finding new crafts to do that are related to Halloween.

This year is no different. As mentioned in a previous post- our dog is already in the spirit with his costume and shirt (which yes- he is already wearing it). My hubby is also in the spirit and came up with a terrific idea for our bathroom.

Bloody Shower Curtain

Bloody Shower Curtain


We want to make our own bloody shower curtain! Most people don’t get excited about faking bloody handprints on a cheap plastic shower curtain, but we consider ourselves a little more “into” Halloween than most. Which is fine because most people loose their minds over Christmas; this way while every one else is freaking out about the Christmas feast and whether or not the bow is straight on the present we are relaxing because our holiday is over.

My mother is also getting into the Halloween spirit and was awesome enough to buy me “Creepy Cute Crochet” which is exactly what it sounds like. Thus this year there will hopefully be a few zombies and dead things to add around the house!  And ninjas. Ninjas are cute 🙂

Creept Cute Crochet

Creepy Cute Crochet


Lemme know what you think!

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