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Adventures in Felting: Part I

IMG_0860 This is a story that starts out with a trip to our local Goodwill store. Within this store was two bags of ancient wool that were in 40 yard skeins and in various colors of mainly pink and orange. I, of course, bought these two bags thinking “How Cool!!”.

The next part of this story is boring. The two bags of yarn sat in my craft room completely untouched for months. Finally, at the end of the summer I decided to try to stash-bust through some of my yarn. This is when I ran across the two bags of yarn and decided to try to use them all up!

One of the patterns that I came up with was the “My Cup Cozy” pattern (located in the “Free Patterns” section). This pattern worked out perfect because the pattern literally used 40 yards and was fun.

Alas, I did not feel like knitting 20ish Cup Cozies so I thought of other ways to use up the yarn. Then I realized that we were in desperate need of decent pot holders. And I hadn’t felted yet. Since I have been knitting for four years I thought the fact that I hadn’t felted yet was a damn shame.

And so was born my felting adventure!

Only one problem- we don’t have our new washer yet so this is only part one of the adventure.

But, have made 5 pot holders so far, written an incredibly easy crochet pattern, and am really looking forward to felting them to see how they turn out!

Pictures of the finished project will come . . . well . . . when they are finished!


Lemme know what you think!

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