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Whats on my needles?

I am notorious for having way too many projects laying around- however I am in an odd spot where I only have one project on my needles! *Gasp* the horror! Of course I happen to have four pages worth of queue on Ravelry- so I thought I would share with you what is and will be on my needles coming up . . .

Right now I am knitting the Gooseberry Cardigan from the Interweave 2009 Weekend Knits catalog. I am using the yarn that was going to be my Lady February Sweater but after getting 70% done with the sweater I realized that it just wasn’t me.

FettigGooseberyCardigan3_mediumI am knitting it in Paton’s Classic, Jade Heather and I am to the bottom ribbing so far. It is an easy pattern but I will be looking forward to my order from knit picks to come in (that site is so dangerous to my budget) so that I can get in a pair of fingerless mitts for hubby among all the boring ribbing and standard stitch. I am planning on knitting Beer Gloves from Son of a Stitch and Bitch in a dark green.


I also ordered yarn to knit two patterns from Fitted Knits, the short sleeved cardigan (which will be long sleeved for me) and knit in a pretty gray color


and the two toned shrug which will be one color- a purple heather and probably also wind up being long sleeved.

Of course, I am also obsessed with the Autumn Vines Cardigan (also in the Interweave Weekend Knits 2009) but can’t decided whether to make it out of some dark burgundy yarn that I have in my stash or buy some light neutral color so that the cables stand out.


Ah, the decisions that knitters have to make.

Of course, I have two sweaters done that I have yet to even photograph. Hmm . . . yet another thing to add to my to-do list.


Lemme know what you think!

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