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Holiday Cheer and (a little) Holiday Knitting

First off, since I may not post before Thanksgiving again- I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday with those who they hold dear. I know we will be seeing our mom (puppy in tow) to eat and be lazy for a whole day. Being lazy with family is completely the way to go for holidays. If you haven’t tried it yet you should.

HAPPY HOLIDAY! (complete with a picture for the wrong holiday below)


Today we put up our christmas tree. I used to think that anyone who put up a christmas tree before Thanksgiving was nutters. But I have grown, matured, and realized that Thanksgiving has no good decorations. So, up the tree went. This is also the first time that Marlow has seen a christmas tree.

As always, he was curious but not all that impressed. He was even less impressed when he discovered that we sprayed some “bitter spray” all around the bottom of the tree so he won’t be tempted to mess with it. We also have a small little winter village on our shelved screen.

But, of course, it is the tree that makes the room all pretty. Oh, and the hubby is a cutie too 🙂

We did have to put the tree up during the day since I have my night class today.

We also put up an ornament that we just bought this year- it is of a little angel holding a puppy and the wings say “Puppy Love”.

Yeay for pretty, sparkly and shiny things!


Moving onto the knitting portion of this blog, I have been knitting . . . but not a lot. First off, a lace shawl that I casted on for, made it through the main lace pattern and then realized that I just don’t have the concentration to get through an actual chart right now.

I LOVE this yarn, and this shawl is suppose to be a gift for a family member but I can already tell that this will be a hard one to let go of. Oh well, I guess I may have to buy more yarn to make another one (sad story right?)

The color of the yarn is better shown in this picture.

The subtle variations in the purple are soooooo pretty!

I am also *almost* done with some fingerless gloves that will be gifted (don’t quite know who will get them yet though)

I have actually made progress on them since this picture and they are only a few rows shy of starting the thumb gusset so these should be done by the end of the weekend for sure.

I did manage to actually finish a project- but of course I don’t have pictures. I will be posting later sometime to show off my finished projects but I have a feeling that this post may be long enough and my class time is starting to creep up on me.


Lemme know what you think!

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