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FREE PATTERN: Boredom Buster Bag

So, some sad news for me but some great news for everyone else. Knitty decided not to publish my pattern so I will be offering it on this site for free. Click here or any of the pictures to get to the pattern (or get to it by clicking free patterns on the menu). Lets call this a holiday gift for all!

Being a graduate student, I try to squeeze in as much knitting as possible during the summer months. This summer I was able to knit quite a few sweaters, but the endless standard stitch was getting to be a bit much. I missed my fair isle, wanted to play with cables, and was yearning to see some moss stitch. Thus, I created this bag to bust up my boredom with the textured moss stitch, fair isle, and cabling.

The finished product is an incredibly functional bag sized large enough to carry a decent sized laptop, books, or notebooks. Because it is fully lined with a knitted liner it is soft against your body while you are walking and offers some protection for the things you are carrying. The textured shoulder strap stays put, and the cable through the middle not only adds interest but keeps the strap from stretching out too much. There is a functional button band that adds interest to the bag, as well as allowing you to have a place to showcase some of your fun and unusual buttons. The fair isle adds durability to the structure of the bag as well as color to make it less dull. Simple cabling on the bottom of the bag not only adds some serious texture but does double duty as a type of ribbing, making the bottom of the bag stretchy.

Overall, the name of this bag says it all- it busts up the boredom with varying techniques and textures that will keep you interested the entire time.


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