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My New Favorite Site: CraftBits.Com

Ever get the feeling that you should make a bag out of neckties? Me neither- but fortunately someone else did and they shared the pattern on this awesome site. Of course after seeing one cool thing I spent another hour browsing the site and seeing how many other fun things are on here.

Above is the messenger bag made up entirely of ties (click on the picture to view the pattern). The urge to make this is seriously overwhelming.  So overwhelming that I may be starting this today. I can’t help it- how cool is this bag!?!?!?

Oh, and I found the perfect project for some people **cough, cough, my mother** who are constantly telling me that they want nothing for birthdays, holidays, ect.

It is a jar of nothing (click on the picture to see the pattern). Let this be a fair warning for all of you who keep saying you want nothing. From now on that is EXACTLY what you will get. But don’t worry, I will put it in a jar for you so you don’t lose it 🙂

Other mind-boggling funness on this site includes Cappuccino Bath Bombs that will make bath time smell like your local coffee shop (and can we really ever have enough of that smell in our lives?), and the simplest and best Sock Monkey pattern that I have come across.

I am in love with this site and look forward to using it for holiday gifts. Hope you all enjoy it too!!


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