My Green Gooseberry

I am in love with this cardigan! The pattern is incredibly simple and I only made a few minor adjustments:

– I used a slightly smaller needle than what was called for in the pattern for the ribbing because I think that my 2×2 ribbing tends to be looser knit than my other stitches

– I picked up more stitches around the underarm when picking up the sleeve stitches to avoid any of those annoying holes- then I just decreased until I was at the correct amount of stitches

– I knitted the sleeves in the round because I think sleeves fit better when I do that (and it saves me from having to sem the edges while finishing)

– when picking up the stitches, I did 2 stitches for every 3 rows where there was ribbing and 3 stitches for every 4 rows when I was picking up along the stockinette edge

– I evenly spaced out and put in four buttons because I only had the four buttons that I wanted to use

– I didn’t do the one-row buttonhole that was called for. I thought I did but then I read the directions again and realized that I have no clue what I did. But whatever it was it worked and they look good enough to me.

– I am not sure if I actually counted the stitches that I picked up for the collar . . . I may have winged it on that part.

The sleeves are nice and long, and the Patons Wool made a warm but light and flexible fabric at this gauge. The collar is different and does help keep my neck a little warmer. The cardigan itself is a little loose but fitted enough to keep it from looking like a glorified bag.

And the buttons. The clearance buttons that they only had four of. They pretty much rock and make the sweater really fun without being too distracting.

All in all, this was a very clear and well written pattern that I enjoyed to make and am so please with the results that I may endure the endless stockinette/ribbing of this pattern again if I find a lovely tweed to make this out of.


2 thoughts on “My Green Gooseberry

  1. I love the sweater!!! Where did you find the pattern, this would look great on my niece. Thanks for tany help in finding the pattern you can give me.


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