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Blue Traveling Lady

As can been see by reading the comments from the previous post, this Traveling Lady is done and ready to be gifted to my mother for Christmas. Since the governor has closed all campuses – I have no classes, and no work to go to. How happy for me!!! And happy for you guys because I actually have time to post and take pictures and update Ravelry. Anyhow, here you go!

This was a really fun and (if homework and work hadn’t gotten in the way) an insanely quick knit.

I have already CO another one for myself in a light beige color. I also decided to only work enough increases for 47 stitches (3 repeats of the pattern).

This was made from two skeins of Patons Classic Wool in Too Teal on size 6 needles. This makes a nice, flexible fabric that will be nice and warm for the winter.


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