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Preview and a Contest!

So, for the first time in this blog’s history I am doing a contest! Also a first in my personal history, I am creating a pattern that I will be selling 🙂

First the pattern. Below are some shots of the “testers” that I have made to work out the kinks in sizing, decreasing, etc.

Sorry about the lousy quality of the pictures, but since they weren’t taken for the final pattern I didn’t really care all that much (how’s that for honesty?)

Anyhow, on to the fun part- the contest!!

I can’t think of what to name this pattern, and I want it to be a gender-neutral name because the pattern can easily be made for either a male or female. I was trying to think of a gender neutral name like ‘Dakota’ or ‘Lee’ but I don’t like anything that I am thinking of.  So, I am asking everyone here what they think it should be named. Simply reply to this post with your suggestions and I will pick the one I like the most as the winner.

To be fair, people related to me can not win and the contest will be open for a week- so your suggestion(s) must be posted by next Sunday at midnight. You can post as many suggestions as you like, but please make sure you are not repeating something that has already been said.

The prize will be a free copy of my pattern in PDF form that I will email to you.

As an added bonus, I am planning on making another version of the hat in a three-color variation so if there are two suggestions that I like, I will pick two winners and the winners will both receive the pattern named after them for free. The same person will not be able to win both patterns.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your suggestions!


7 thoughts on “Preview and a Contest!

  1. :] Chaos Theory

    I googled “pi r squared” for inspiration and have concluded a good hat name would be Chaos Theory. (Because of the hat hair it leaves behind when you take it off! And I think hat hair is gender neutral, as well 🙂

    from wiki: “Geomorphology and chaos theory Under ideal conditions (uniform gentle slope on an homogeneously erodable substrate)…”

    If erodible is a spelling error it’s wiki’s fault!

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