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My Two Cents: Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool

As previously mentioned, I am starting to design a few sweaters during my time off from school (winter break) and I have already started a cardigan.  It will be called “Nature’s Warmth” since it is made from 100% wool and for some reason the heavy braid that will go up the sides of the front and along the hood remind me of a snarly old tree branch. 

While I was going to make this out of Paton’s since that is my cheap, go-to wool yarn, I ran across a great sale on this Fishermen’s Wool that I just couldn’t pass up. After casting on my project and working with it for a while I ran across some reviews and was surprised at how few good things were said about this yarn. So, in my opinionated self, I decided to let everyone know what I thought. 

First off, all the reviews say that this yarn holds up well- so yeay for that!

I am knitting this yarn on size 6 needles, which is three sizes own from what the label suggests. I would not knit with this yarn on a size 9 needle. I can see knitting this on sizes 7-5, possibly 4 for lace work. A lot of reviewers mentioned that they hated the short fibers. I think that knitting this yarn on a smaller needle size gets rid of that problem. because the yarn looks clean and crisp to me (versus “fuzzy” which I have an intense dislike for).

The stitch definition is great.

It blocks well.

It frogs well (I did only have to frog once though).

It is not that itchy. Although this cardigan is also designed to go over clothing and not meant to be worn directly on your skin.

Yeah, there was a knot in the one skein that I am working with. I was perfectly able to get over it and not get all pissy because of it. Mainly because I was able to get a 465 yard skein of wool for $6. 

This is a cheap, wool yarn but it is giving me good results so I would recommend it for projects that you will be wearing over clothing, and if you are designing something but don’t have tons of money to spend on yarn. A lot of reviewers have slammed this yarn but I honestly don’t think this yarn deserves a bad rep- I will most likely use it again.


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