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Yummy Food and Well Organized Yarn

First the food. While I typically try to not write about non-knitting related things on  this blog, I was told a recipe for some Salsa Verde from my mother-in-law,  and I modified the recipe to make it more of a creamy salsa and I love it so much that I want to share it in case any one else wanted to make it.

I really didn’t feel like trying to take a pretty picture of what I made so I borrowed the below picture from to show you what it looks like.

1 pound of Tomatillos
2 Jalapeño peppers
some Garlic
some Cilantro
1 Lemon
1 Lime
1 large Avocado

Boil the Tomatillos and the Peppers until the Tomatillos change color. While you are waiting for this, chop up however much Cilantro and Garlic you want in the salsa, and cube the Avocado. When you are done boiling, blend every but the Lemon and Lime together. Cut the Lemon and Lime and squeeze all the juice out of them and into the salsa.  Enjoy the yummy food!!!

This recipe makes a lot of salsa and it is sooo yummy.  It is really easy to make and the whole process takes about 20-30 minutes so I think it is really quick considering how much yummy salsa you get.

Enjoy the recipe 🙂

Now, onto the major project that took most of two days to complete- ORGANIZING THE MESS THAT BECAME MY YARN AND PROJECTS. Yes, the yarn had managed to creep into every nook and cranny of the living room, take over the kitchen table and my desk had a pile of old projects that needed to be frogged.

Since John and I have recently started going through everything in our house to de-clutter and simplify our home, the yarn being everywhere was becoming more and more obvious as well as being more and more annoying (to both of us). So, Sunday night we went through our books (three hour process) to determine what to keep, what to donate to our library, and what to donate to Goodwill. We were able to clear an entire bookcase so John suggested that I take that bookcase to organize all the yarn.

Starting Monday morning, I started to tackle the project with a full pot of coffee, the second season of the Big Bang Theory, and my yarn winder. This morning I finally finished and both John and I love the way it looks!

My yarn is organized by weight and fiber, the baskets hold my needles, knitting notions, and projects, and I now know exactly where my frickin’ scissors are!  And all my old projects that were failures are frogged, and everything is so neat and organized!

Needless to say, I am in a great mood and I hope that everyone else has an amazing day as well!!


4 thoughts on “Yummy Food and Well Organized Yarn

  1. Kristi, you inspired me to sort out my own yarn stash. I had an old mail stand with all kinds of storage cubbys that begged to be used after I saw your organized bookshelf! I cleaned it and put all my yarn, notions, and needles in it and now I know exactly where everything is! I especially loved your idea of using some baskets for yarn!

  2. Your salsa sounds (and looks) amazing. I just might have to try it out sometime seeing as salsa is pretty much my weakness. I love what you did with your yarn, and am thinking about doing the same type of thing for myself. The fact that you did it while watching The Big Bang Theory makes it that much better!

  3. I am so impressed by the yarn, and you were so brave to frog the unfinishables! I attempted to organize my yarn, and now it looks like a yarn tornado has struck my livingroom.

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