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New FREE Pattern: Asthore Bag

I will be updating my patterns pages so that it is easier for me to add things and for people to find things, but until then I will post about my new free pattern here.

Asthore Bag (clicking on that will open the PDF pattern)

“Asthore “ means loved one. The beginnings of this bag were an accident as I was trying to knit some fun coasters for our living room- but the pattern came out more rectangular than square so I scrapped the idea for coasters. However, I loved the swatch that I had created and couldn’t bring myself to get rid of or frog it. Instead, I decided that I loved the swatch so much that I would base a bag around it.

This bag’s colorful pattern is made using a method that I very recently learned called “mosaic knitting” which means three amazing things for knitters everywhere.

1) you only use one color each row, so no messing with multiple lines of yarn while you work
2) you only knit/purl some of the stitches each row and purl the rest
3) because of how the knitting is worked you use less yarn and your project goes quicker

I encourage you to try this method of color work because even though it sounds like an overwhelming task, but after working one repeat of the pattern you will quickly realize that it is an easy, fun and quick way to make colorful knitted pieces.


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