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Busy, busy, busy . . .

For those of you who aren’t aware, I am a graduate student and classes started up a few weeks ago so that is why the posting on this site will be a little more scarce. I am also working on making the patterns section more user friendly and overall am working on making this site look a little better. That will take some time, but as promised here is a huge post for everyone!!!

First off, if there are any other designers out there I have to give you heads up about this awesome program that KnitPicks is doing for indie designers.  To learn more, click here.  A while ago I submitted a few patterns and they got accepted! Since they were not knit out of KnitPicks yarn I am re-knitting them and they are looking so awesome that I am going to have a hard time letting go of them (even if it is only for a little bit).

The “Taking Flight” hats are being made out of Swiss Worsted which is soo soft and has great stitch definition. I can not wait to finish these up!

The scarf tweedy scarf pattern is being made out of City Tweed HW and the colors are so nice and deep. I am also making matching mittens for this.

(Sorry but it was impossible to get a good picture of this!)

I am working (very slowing) on a stash buster blanket to get rid of all my acrylic yarn. I am unsure whether it will wind up being a doggy blanket or what but it is looking neat so far and is a good way to get rid of all my extra yarn that is just laying around. I got the pattern for the block out of Interweave’s 200 Blocks to Crochet.

And, finally, I am working on a quick scarf (that is not going so quickly because of all the projects mentioned above) that is using some yarn from an old scarf that I knitted a looooong time ago.


After (so far):

Hope that is enough pictures and info for now! Hopefully things will slow down a bit soon (I wouldn’t count on it though).

I promise from now on to try to update at least every weekend.

Have a great week everyone!


Lemme know what you think!

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