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More of Georgia

Just a warning, this post contains almost no knitting references but I think it is fun anyhow. Enjoy. And remember that your opposum should always be cooked thoroughly . . .

Everyone has been telling us that we needed to eat at the Breakfast Club, a restaurant that only serves breakfast until 1pm and then is closed. So, this morning we went there, got greeted by a friendly staff and got our menus. That was when we noticed the first funny thing (to us at least) on the menu. View picture below.

This is the first time that we have ever seen a cooking warning about opposum, so I decided to snap a picture to commemorate it. This is not the only funny thing on the menu however- see picture two . . .

Yes, it is the PMS omelette. And yes, I did order and eat it. It was DELICIOUS!! So then we went to pay our bill, and there was the last funny find of that place . . .

Seriously, how many of you want this sign and the ability to enforce it? Loved it 🙂

So then we walked around and got some ice cream that is seriously the best ice cream that I have had ever!!!

I was temped to try their coffee as well but I decided that a huge omelette and three scoops of ice cream was enough for a while, lol

One Tybee, there is also this cute little Marina Museum/Gift Shop where we went and saw some really cute animals and spoke to some of the incredibly friendly staff (which everyone here is so friendly that I am beginning to think they slip something in the water)

The pictures don’t even start to show how cute this place was. We wandered around some more, and eventually wound up taking our shoes off and walking on the beach (it is gorgeous outside!) and then started picking up a *few* shells that we keep throwing in my purse (which is the boredom buster bag that I created) and when we got home we realized that we picked up more than a few . . .

This isn’t even all of the shells either but they look so neat and we wanted them. Our friends and family will be getting souvenir sea shells that we picked off the sea shore when we get home. While we were picking up sea shells, we noticed that a lot of them had holes like you would expect for jewlery.

But there were a TON of them, so we headed back to the Marina Museum and asked them what was up with the holes.

Turns out that there is something called a Moon Snail that will drill holes into the shell and then suck the animal out of the little hole. So, when the shells of the dead animals wash up on shore they are practically ready to be made into jelwery.

This may mean that there will be a sea shell jewlery post coming up after we get back.

Well, that is all for now. The scarf is still going, but I am hope that there may be time to go to a yarn shop tomorrow (we still haven’t seen hardly anything of Savanna) so I will be sure to bore all of you will my excitement of not being in Wisconsin!!!

I will leave you with an outside picture of the cottage that we are staying in.

Hope everyone’s week is going as well as mine! 🙂


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