A Hat, a Bag, Two Chairs and an Adorable Marlow

I am currently remaking the Taking Flight pattern for Knit Picks, and below is the Bird motif re-done, and I LOVE it! See pictures below.

And below in this picture, you can see the next project that I am finishing!

The pictures, as always, are lame but that is what you get when you try to take pictures yourself in light that is not the greatest.  So in addition to the hat, I have finished a pattern for a new bag, the Cerelia Bag!

What do you all think? I am wrapping up the final details of the pattern, still have ends to weave in, and I think I will send this off to Knit Picks as well to see if they like it.  It is really fun and easy to make, and is actually knitted in all one piece 🙂

Now, to the “two chairs” part of the title. For those of you who may not realize, my hubby and I live in crappy college housing (we are both graduate students) and have crappy college furniture in the living room (i.e. third-generation hand-me-downs). Well, this morning we were driving along and found some retro-mazing chairs that we had to have to replace our old, broken down, recliner.

The brown one is John’s and the retro-mazing (amazing retro in case no one has picked up on that yet) orange colored one is mine 🙂 I plan on crocheting some off-white pillow covers for our black pillows to lighten things up.

And since I know my mother wants to see another picture of him- here is a very sleepy Marlow who didn’t want to pose but I snapped a picture anyhow.

Hehehehehe. He is still cute though!

For those of you wondering about the scarf that I was working on in Georgia, I am not a fan of Cotton-Ease for clothing. I still like the pattern but I want to use some different yarn for it. I am thinking I will try Cotton-Lin from Knit Picks.

That is all for now, hope everyone is still doing well! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Hat, a Bag, Two Chairs and an Adorable Marlow

  1. Christi,
    I love reading your blog. I’m in my fifties and still have hand-me down furniture. Love the idea of changing the pillow covers. And your bag, well I’ll just say LOVE IT! I hope Knitpicks runs with it. You are so talented! You go girl!

    • Wanda,
      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂
      I don’t think we will ever be completely rid of hand-me downs (love garage sales too much) but I think it is time for us to be a little more selective, lol.

      You go girl as well!

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