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I give up.

The yellow cardigan will be frogged and the yarn will be reused for a blanket that I am now working on (very slowly).

I tried to block it, tried to dry it with dryer balls in order to soften it up. But, to no avail. The fabric is so stiff that the sleeves puff up weirdly, the hem won’t lay flat, the seams are stiff and annoying, and the whole garment was heavy and unmoving.

Above are some pictures of the blocks that I am thinking for the cotton blanket. It would be for the bedroom, and I would just eventually hope that through lots of washing the stupid thing will soften up.


Thank you for everyone who gave me positive comments on the cardigan but the project was just relentless with the annoyance. It happens though, right? I still love this DROPS pattern, but this yarn is just not right for this.

I hope everyone else’s projects are going better than mine!!


2 thoughts on “I give up.

  1. You’re very good to frog it and use it for something else. I think I’d have sunk into a funk!

    These things do happen. You certainly tried! Maybe the gauge was off for the type of yarn you used? Cotton can drape very nicely – thinking about a pullover I have just finished in Cleckheaton naturals. (I didn’t enjoy knitting that one very much, but that’s another story!).

    Good luck the blanket, and for a nicer, more co-operative yarn for your next cardi project. 🙂

    • lol, I posted this only after being in a funk for almost three weeks- I just didn’t want to believe I had wasted all that time and energy to just frog it!!

      I do like cotton yarn, and the gauge was right, but I think that this is just a case of the wrong yarn for the right pattern. Thank you for you luck on the blanket- quite frankly if I am able to finish it I will be surprised!!

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