This is my not happy face.

Yes, this horrible picture is showing the splint that will be on my hand for 4-6 weeks.

No knitting. For 4-6 weeks.

I am so not a ray of f***ing sunshine right now.

And the reason? I tripped and managed to break 3 of my fingers. How lame is that? you would think that with three broken fingers there could be a story about pirates, mobsters, or something semi-entertaining. But no, sorry guys, my story is boring and focuses on my incredible clumsiness. And it is a one sentence long story. BAH!

well, I realized that I don’t know how many of you have knitting/crochet sites and I would love to see s many of your sites as possible, so please leave a link in the comments section so I can see all your wonderful knitterly things!!!!



4 thoughts on “This is my not happy face.

  1. Oh No! I JUST found your blog this week (i found a pattern by you i love on ravelry) and now you are going to be out of commission 😦
    feel better!!!

  2. OMG – having you call me and tell me what happened was bad enough – BUT – for a mother to see her child in pain on a blog is . . . . . . words fail me. All I want to do is rush over to you with buckets of homemade chicken soup and a quilt – but considering my cooking skills, you are already in enough pain ! ! ! Hopefully you fingers will heal soon and you will be as good as new.

    And please, no major eye-rolling – once you are a mother, you are always a mother no matter how old your child is.

  3. That so SUCKS!!! Sorry to see this, now you get to get caught up on your reading, studies, etc….just don’t find a new hobby. I would miss your posts too much. I’m a clutz, too, so I feel for you. Never broke a bone before though, musta been a good trip!
    Don’t worry too much, it’ll be over before you know it…

  4. oooh this is sad…. very sad….

    I don’t have a knitting site – fairly new to knitting and now have to wait for you to inspire again! No PRESSURE…. ha ha ha.

    (Let’s take a nap – might improve your mood.)

    Hang in there!

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