Craft / Crochet / sweater

And now a happy face . . .

Not too happy of a face mind you, the stupid cast is still on and driving me nutty but I have taught myself how to crochet with one hand and a thumb.

See!? It isn’t knitting but it is something- not that I have ever  had a problem with crochet but usually I don’t like the patterns all that much. However, due to amazing luck- the latest issue of Interweave Crochet has some awesome patterns!

Like the one I am trying to tackle- the Chloe Cardigan.

I don’t think it looks like anything and if I am able to keep my gauge constant it will be a miracle.

Anyhow, since I posted a grumpy picture of me- here is a slighter happier picture

Have a great weekend everyone!


One thought on “And now a happy face . . .

  1. So glad you are feeling better and have found something you can do! I know I would go crazy if I couldn’t knit or crochet 🙂

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