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And Guess What Happens Tomorrow?!

The cast, it comes off. And I can finally knit again!!!

And because I like to plan ahead, I already now what I am going to knit. This knit is a test knit for adriprint, and it is a super cute knit that I am super excited to actually knit 🙂

Below are the pictures for her knit.

I will be using Fishermen’s Wool in Oatmeal, I can’t decide whether to use buttons or toggles or even just snaps to close the jacket up.


Anyhow, this time wasn’t spent doing nothing- I did learn tunisian crochet. And I made some potholders/washcloths.

I can’t wait until tomorrow- hopefully I will have a bunch of progress to show off 🙂


3 thoughts on “And Guess What Happens Tomorrow?!

  1. I know you are excited about tomorrow but….. A word of caution I know you don’t want to hear but please be careful. I broke my wrist last September and I too tried to knit with the cast on. I couldn’t hold the needle in my right hand. So I went to circular needles so when I dropped it it didn’t go very far. When the cast came off I tried to do to much and the healing went slower. So please be careful and have fun!!!

    • I am sorry to hear about your wrist, I hope all is well now though 🙂 I will keep your words in mind, hopefully I am part magic and will be able to knit with n problem, lol, most likely not though.

      Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. I’m glad for you that the cast is finally off – as for the sweater – my vote is for the wooden toggles – or if you can find some – distressed metal buttons.

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