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My mind can be a scary place . . .

. . . . when I think of knitting/crocheting. Not because there are scary projects, but because every time I go on Ravelry my queue grows, and then I get ideas, and then I doodle something that if I am lucky I will have the time to knit/crochet eventually, and I love what everyone else does, and I have seen a few of the projects from the Vouge that will be coming out, and I finally got my summer issue of interweave, and I have joined a group on Ravelry called Free Pattern Testers (yes this means that my patterns will be tested before release from now on) and I want to use tusisian crochet to make new stuff for our kitchen, and the list goes on and on and on and on . . . . 

See why my mind is so scary? 

So far, the things that I want to design are as follows: 

  • a chunky lacey hat
  • a short crocheted curtain with a scalloped edging
  • a longer crochet curtain with bead work (already have sketches of this and I am very excited)
  • seatpad covers (for wooden kitchen chairs) that are knitted and cabled, using two strands of Red Heart (I have had many people swear up and down that this stuff does get soft when you wash and use it) held together so the texture should be fun and squishy 🙂
  • A really cute sweater that I did a paint doodle of (I was at work at the time) the crap-tastic image of that brainstorm is below. I think that it is really cute and I am already imagining it in a beautiful bright heathered green yarn with embossed and aged silver buttons

The knit that I am doing as a test,Mod Podge, is going great, I just need to make the sleeves, sew the sleeves on, weave in the ends, dye it, block it, sew buttons on, take some decent pictures for once (I look at other knitters’ blogs and am soooo envious of how pretty and perfect all their pictures are) and then bring it to work because although it is 90 degrees outside we all wear sweaters and have personal heaters so we don’t shiver to death. 

I don’t have pictures of my progress, but I do have a four day weekend coming up so hopefully I will  get some serious knitting time in. 

Until then, here is a random sample of what is in my very scary long queue now (click on picture to go to Ravelry link): 

A Bird in the Hand Mitts

Hooded Jacket

Hemlock Ring Blanket

Lady February Sweater

Crocheted Flower Hot Pad

Rib and Cable Cardigan

Cabled Dog Sweater

Echo Flower Shawl

Canyon Hiking Socks

Dog Pullover

Adorable Apple Cover

Bath Puff

Christmas Stockings

Grannie's Traditional Tea Cosy

Ivy Leauge Vest

Teeny Tiny Ralgan sweaters

Most of these patterns are free thru Ravelry, and in most cases yarn is no problem because I already have some that would be perfect for the project- now if someone can tell me how to gain an extra 24 hours in each day so that I may just knit I would be thrilled. At any rate, hopefully if anyone needed insperation for what their next project could be this helped.

In case anyone is wondering, my hand is weak and still a little swollen but I am able to use it for most things as long as it doesn’t require lifting, pulling or pushing anything heavy.  Turns out the break on my index finger was almost clear through the bone so it is still healing but it is healing nicely and I am still able to use it as long as I take an easy (which I have been).

Hope everyone is doing well, and have a great Memorial Day!!


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