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Another Dose of Insperation & Updates

Well, one of the things that I wanted to do is done. A lace hat that will become a free pattern was finished and blocked before I headed to work this morning- yeay me!
The Mod Podge is going well, half a sleeve was done last night. The sleeves always take me the longest to finish when I am working on a sweater- no clue why, but there you have it.
Because the last post was so fun and I love looking at my long to do list (prettiest list I will ever have), here are some other projects in my ridiculously long queque- all of which are available for  free and I found them through Ravelry (if you haven’t discovered this gem of a site yet you should !)

Endpaper Mitts

Inga Hat

Tree Trunk Legwarmers



Traveling Stitch Legwarmers


Crocheted Ring Bracelet

Lacy River Rocks

Shalom Cardigan

Chevalier Mittens

Attractive Cushion Cover

Herringbone Mittens

Dorset Buttons

Silver Belle

Fishy Potholder

Susies Reading Mitts

Pilates or Yoga Socks

Openwork Lace Pattern


Bitterroot Shawl

Pocketbook Slippers

 And, although this last one is not in my queque I just had to share it with everyone because it is too cute  and reminds me of a time when comercials weren’t totally annoying 🙂 

Mini Wheat

 Well, thats my post for today. I am sitting in my office FREEZING and can’t wait to get home and see how my hat blocked. I am a little scared that the lace blocked more than I was expecting. Oh well, you guys like slouchy hats . . . right? 

lol- if the stars line up right, there may be pictures of it up here tonight or tomorrow . . . but we shall see. 


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