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OMG Baby Shower

One of my co-workers just had a cute baby girl, and we are throwing a baby shower and I am excited because I have tons of cute baby patterns quequed but have had no baby to knit for yet (although they did already get some early gifts because I wanted to knit a pair of baby booties and a bonnet).

I can’t decide which of the following patterns to do though . . .

Aviatrix Baby Hat

Wool Diaper Cover

Baby Leg Warmers

Stella Pixie Hat

I have already been informed that a wool diaper cover is not the most practical so I am hoping that these other ideas are.



6 thoughts on “OMG Baby Shower

  1. I agree… no chin straps (there also is a drool factor that comes into play a little later).

    For a cute, little baby GIRL… you can never have too many head bands! Especially if she doesn’t have much hair. You could whip out several in different colors to match several outfits.
    (and since it’s hot now…. I’m not sure how much hat wearing she’ll get to do.)

    Good luck!

  2. If you make a hat – no buttoned chin straps – most babies will not sit still for you to “do” buttons. Forget the leg warmers – yes they are cute – but babies pull off socks quicker than a New York minute – ditto for the leg warmers.

    Remember how cold it is during the winter (and yes, during the fall season) – I vote for a hat – or several hats in bright colors – also – although you didn’t mention it – small baby blankets or wraps are wonderful for when carrying the baby to and from a warm car and/or building.

    A wool diaper cover -ROFLOL

    • I am stunned that you not only know what ROFLOL is but that you were able to correctly use it 🙂

      Thanks for the comment mom!

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