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FO: Mod Podge

As previously mentioned on this site, I was a test knitter for a fellow designer on Ravelry. This was the test knit- Mod Podge- and I really had fun knitting it, although the sweater wound up being a size too big on me.

I used some Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool that was in my stash, and used cherry kool-aid to dye it red.

I will be making another one in my size, and gifting this one 🙂

This was also my first attempt at trying to dye wool with kool aid. This will also most likely be my last attempt at trying to dye wool with kool aid.

Ah, who am I kidding. I will be doing it again as soon as I forget the nightmare of dying this sweater- I just know it. Next time however, I think I will dye the yarn before knitting instead of trying to dye the whole garment evenly.

In other news, I am working on a bathrobe pattern for Knit Picks in their new (amazing) organic cotton yarn.  I will also be attempting to get my camera fixed this weekend because I am tired of not having one.

I hope everyone has a happy and fun weekend!!


2 thoughts on “FO: Mod Podge

  1. Love the sweater and the color – I agree with you regarding dying the yarn before you start to knit with it – although shading in a sweater does look nice.

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