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FO: Reading Mitts

Love, love, love this pattern! Did I mention that I loved this pattern?

The pattern is called Susie’s Reading Mitts and they are a wonderfully written pattern that I would recommend for everyone!! The best part is that they look a little fancy and complicated but they are far from.

Used Paton’s Classic Wool, only about half a skein from what I could tell.

This is also the fist time turning a hem for me, which I was worried about until I did it- it is just an easy and effective way to make the ends of the mitts look nice without ribbing.

These were such a quick knit that they practically fell off the needles as soon as I casted on!

There was only one modification that I made, instead of seaming the hems after, I knitted them together with the appropriate row (I really do despise seaming)

There will be more of these in my future, I just sense it. 🙂

5 thoughts on “FO: Reading Mitts

  1. I can vouch for the EASE of making. I am fairly new to knitting and yet made TWO pair immediately. (One using a leftover sock yarn – and then using alpaca.) I seamed after completing.

    Thanks for recommending them!

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