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Sneak Peaks: A Test and A New Pattern

I am currently working on another pattern for Knit Picks, and I am very excited as this is by far my largest design, and it is a bathrobe which is uncommon but I am still optimistic that everyone will love it 😛

The bathrobe has a simple construction that I have noticed more vintage patterns also have, starting from the bottom hem and then working up, separating for the fronts and working the two fronts individually.

And there is a feminine flounce all around the bottom of the robe. This makes for A LOT of stitches. But the yarn is so yummy that those bazillion (slight exaggeration)  stitches don’t seem that bad.

Here is the first sneak peak at the Sabriel Bathrobe:

Close up- LOVE the stitch definition!!

The second picture is closer to the true color, but trust me the picture still doesn’t do the color justice- I just love it!!!

The part you are looking at is the back, and it is taking forever but I am hoping once the decreases start it will go quicker.

To break up the boredom of endless standard stitch, I am doing a quick test knit for a fingerless mitts pattern, which will quickly be taken to work to keep me from freezing to death.

Below are pictures of the left mitt 🙂

These are really cute, and I believe the person is submitting the pattern to Knit Picks, so it is funny that both things I am knitting will *hopefully* be Knit Picks patterns . . . at least I find it amusing.

And, just because Marlow was being ultra adorable the other day, here are some updated pictures of him!

hahaha, he’s a cutie!

Hope you are all having a great day!!


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