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I’ve Been a Busy Little Girl

As mentioned in a previous post, I sat down Saturday and made

eleven produce bags. I am not the greatest sewer- and I am incredibly inpatient so I wound up doing my own, incredibly easy and not very great looking version of the other patterns that I have seen online.

I know these are ugly, but I promise- as soon as my mangos and kiwis start complaining about how cruddy the bags look I will make better ones. Promise. Heck, even if I have a bunch of cilantro give me the evil eye for putting them in a lame bag I will make better ones.

Hehehehe. Yeah. I am ok with the produce bags looking ugly- but I did put the tutorial up for anyone else who doesn’t care what their produce bags look like (with suggestions to make their bags look better)

Anyhow, once I made all the bags, I realized that there was no really easy way for us to carry them all at once . . . so I had to make another bag. Sad story, I know, but I persevered and came up with another tutorial (that I will have up ASAP) that I am calling “The Ridiculously Easy Bag” because it requires only one piece of fabric, and no templates or even measuring (if you do it my “that looks right” way)

Cute right? No doubt that it is not the best looking bag- but it will do it’s job as a double duty produce bag holder and reusable shopping bag.

Since I was having fun with fabric, I also made a bag for our clothespins so that we can carry them with us as we hang our laundry.

Ah, so much fun. Yet another benefit of having the garage sale was that I am able to use my craft room, and I have a sewing table to set up my sewing projects 🙂

In addition to sewing, I also crocheted Saturday (told you I was busy!)-

I used the pattern Bath Puffs which follows the “this is so easy it is ridiculous” vein of Saturday. Both John and I got sick of using plastic loofahs a while back ago so we tried “natural” sponges but mine fell apart almost immediately and John’s looked gross after only a couple weeks. So I found this pattern which had been on my queue for ages anyhow and sat down while I was doing laundry to make us new, 100% cotton bath puffs.

I was able to make BOTH bath puffs that afternoon- each puff (loop included) is only three rows that are so easily remembered I barely even had to look at the pattern. I have already used mine and I am a fan, so I am hoping that these hold up through us using them and us washing them.

Each one  took a little less than one small skein (120 yards) of Sugar and Cream and I think they took me a little over an hour for each- although it was hard to tell because I was doing other things as well. This was the perfect project to put up and pick up later because it is so simple.


Lemme know what you think!

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