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What I am working on and a book that I want, no need- now!

First, some Website Updates. There has been the following changes on this site recently:

  • Tutorial: Ridiculously Easy Bags
  • Links page added
  • header and background changed (yet again, we will see how long I like this one)
  • Gallery Page added
  • Button for Craft Hope added
  • Widgets added at the bottom of page for those who wish to browse my site
  • realized that my Twitter and Email Subscribe buttons disappeared- I put them back

I am trying to make my site as easy to navigate as possible, and I am spending this summer doing a huge overhaul which will mean more tutorials, a gallery for others’ projects based off my patterns, updating my patterns site, improving the links page, and hopefully coming out with another free pattern or two- it has been way too long since I have created a free pattern for you guys. At any rate, feedback is always appreciated so if you have any other ideas feel free to comment!

Oh, and contests. For sure this site needs more contests.

Ok, back to knitting- which is really what we care about anyhow 🙂

My Current Designs:

So I am plugging along on the bathrobe- on my third skein and 10 inches into the back . . . it looks remarkably the same as the last time I photographed it so no new pictures on that project. I was expecting a lot of revisions to this pattern since I wrote the pattern down almost entirely before doing it- basing everything off a swatch, but with one exception everything seems to be going smoothly (I will be very upset if I just jinxed myself). This is an enjoyable project, but it does tend to get really tedious after a few hours.

In other news however, to break up the endless standard stitch I am using the tweed that  I recycled from the garage sale sweater and designing the Abigail Cardigan.

It has been pointed out to me that the above pictures make it hard to tell what it will look like, and I agree. But trust me- it looks amazing in my head!

And how awesome does that tweed look?

My Current Projects:

I am actually pretty quiet on this front- although I do have one other WIP(work in progress) that is coming slowly, but only because I am using the pattern whenever I have a small amount of yarn left over from something.

This is one of five fish potholders that I plan on making, they are double layered so they really protect your hands and they are fun to look at so it makes being in the kitchen more fun too!

The Book that I Want Need- NOW!

Front Cover

Have you ever seen a knitting book and have had the thought “I need this – NOW!” race

Whale Watch Hat

through your mind? Normally with me, the books that provoke this thought are stitch dictionaries. However, Ravelry has posted some patterns that will be available in a book soon- New England Knits– and I must admit I am almost delirious with wanting.

The first pattern that caught my eye was this beret with whales on it. Why didn’t I think of that?! I want to knit this soooo badly that I am seriously considering using the photo as a reference and just winging a pattern. The sheer amount of time it would take me to do the math is holding me back (not to mention I am already designing two large projects).This is not the only cute hat pattern in this book, but without a doubt this is the one that would be the first on my needles!

And cardigans galore! Oh, the pretty cardigans that I now feel I must make:

Salem Hooded Jacket

Hampton Cardigan

Montpelier Jacket

Fairfield Sweater

They even have a vest that looks so comfy and cute

Lewiston Striped Vest

All in all, the book has 25 patterns that are all different, and only a few small projects which means that most are sweaters and cardigans. All with details such as cabling, lace and unique but practical shaping. All of which I want to knit and have in my wardrobe.

The book has not been released yet, and I am seriously contemplating clicking the “pre-order” button on Amazon because it would be less than 17 dollars rather than the 25 it will be when it gets released.

Anyone else feeling the urge to grab this book yet?

**Edit: I pre-ordered it. Now I just have to wait until July 29 . . . . soooooo far away but this should give me time to finish up my two design projects . . . . **


One thought on “What I am working on and a book that I want, no need- now!

  1. The beret does look cute. I think you can make your own pattern with some basic rules. I use Excel for this job and learned how to make my own simple fair isle patterns for a hat. Let me know if you want to check out my Excel file 🙂

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