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New DROPS Patterns Preview

DROPS released their Fall/Winter Collection for preview. There is so much cabling and comfy goodness I can’t stand it!!!

Here are some of my favorites, I can’t wait until the patterns are ready!

This looks like the perfect sweater to throw on when it is rainy outside- although I would most likely do the cabling all the way down instead of just on the bodice

The cabled yoke on this sweater looks amazing!

This looks great layered, I would most likely knit it up with short sleeves as well

I have yet to knit a pair of socks but these look like they would be really, really fun to knit

Another great layering  top – never was a fan of them before but my mind is being changed 🙂

I love the hugs and kisses cabling, and the different cuffs on the sleeves. Just looking at all that ribbing is making me tired though – lol, talk about TV knitting!

Love this sweater the collar looks excessively nice and warm

Moss stitch + cables = a great winter sweater

The collar and lace details of this sweater really make it look fun to knit

how pretty 🙂

These will be all going into my (still) ever-growing queue.

My queque will never be empty- not unless I get to knit straight for three years and no one comes out with any more patterns and I stop designing.

Will you be knitting anything from the latest DROPS collection?


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