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FO: Derek Bag



UPDATE:  to everyone asking me about this pattern, it is no longer available and I do not have it. It was online and since I have made this purse, the owner of the pattern has taken it down. I appreciate that everyone likes the pattern, but I do not have it, own it, or have the right (or ability) to distribute it.

Thank you,


I am still working on the two large projects, but a few days ago the humidity in Wisconsin was evil and took over our apartment. Sitting in front of a fan helped, but both projects are now to the point where there is excess fabric laying on my lap- so I decided not to pass out from heat stroke and casted on a smaller project to work on.

The Derek Bag had been in my queue for only a few days, but I loved the structured look. In addition, as soon as I saw the four buttons on the bag I thought of some buttons that I bought a while ago- normally they were almost $3 a button but I caught a sale where they were only about $1 a button and I immediately bought 8 buttons (4 each of two different styles). The buttons were ahhhed and oooohhhed over until I placed them in my craft room and they proceeded to collect dust. For almost two years now. Over the years I keep pulling them out, looking at them, and wanting to use them but they were too fancy for a sweater or cardigan, and too small for a hat.

This pattern was the answer to what to do with all the buttons.

Materials Used:

  • Caron One Pound in Off White for the body of the bag
  • scraps of Knit Picks Swish Worsted for the Bird
  • pair of light wood bag handles
  • four fun buttons
  • some cotton fabric that I was given by my mom
  • a magnetic snap closure
  • yarn needle
  • size I crochet hook


Wanted a smaller bag so I only chained 50, and used a size I hook. I also only worked the main body of the bag for 21 inches to make up for the decreased width but to hopefully keep the proportions of the bag similar to the one in the pattern.

I also wanted to use up handles that I already had so I did not crochet handles nor did I use the wooden dowels because of the type of handles that I had.

Wanted it to look a little more fun so I crocheted a bird to put on it.


The most difficult part of this otherwise incredibly easy pattern was trying to figure out how to fold the bottom so that it looked like the bag in the pictures (she included instructions but I was still mystified- my fault not the designer’s) but once I figured it out (ah, you fold it inside!!!) I was very pleased.

This is the first bag that I have made and lined with fabric. Why did I not do this sooner? Seriously, I can’t believe that I was so hesitant to learn something new when it is not only easy but makes the finished project look even more polished and pretty.

The bird applique I had to do some searching for, but thanks to Crochet Pattern Central I was able to find one here. Of course when I read that the bird was made in three different pieces I decided to wing it- and now wish that I had taken notes because I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

I am in love with this bag, it is fun and very summery. It also used up stuff that I have had laying around my craft room for ages.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am almost guaranteed to make another bag using this pattern just so I have an excuse to use this really cute mushroom applique.


6 thoughts on “FO: Derek Bag

  1. I too am having a hard time understanding how to sew the bottom of the bag. I know it should be inside, but somehow “matching the side seam to the bottom edge” to sew the diagonal is throwing me off. I’m looking for detailed pictures of the bag bottom…

  2. I have a question regarding the pattern that I’m hoping you can help me with. I am not sure how to get the folds at the top where the buttons go. I didn’t see anything in the instructions that explained how to do that. After making the body of the bag it said to sew the side seems together but didn’t say whether to leave room or not for the fold and there were no other instructions for the fold that I could see. Thanks so much for your help!

  3. Cute purse – I think that lining it was a good move – it looks finished and polished now. The buttons look awesome – this is a good pattern for using those huge and “I really must have” buttons.

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