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Well, they can’t all be winners

It has been a while since I have updated, and I have many things to blog about but I decided today that I will show you another one of my failed projects.

The pattern is #32 Tree Mittens in Vogue Knitting and I love, love, love the look of these mittens so when I grabbed some green and brown Cascade 220 on a whim at the LYS (in this case ‘local’ is a loosely used term but I still ❤ Knit’n From the Heart) it occured to me that these lovely earthy tones would look amazing together- which they do- and would make a wonderful pair of mittens- which they would . . .

However, they don’t work for these mittens. Even though they look as though they would have high contrast, once they are knitted in pattern the effect is quite subtle.

As anyone who knows me personally will tell you- I am just not all that into subtle.

In addition, I went up a needle size from what the pattern called for and the mitts are still tiny . . . so the next time I will be uping the size once more.

So, off to the frog pond this lonely mitt goes.

I am not giving up on this pattern though- and am already contemplating what other colors would go perfect for this mitt. However, I have a *bit* much on my plate (or in this case- knitting needles) so they will have to wait a while longer.

FYI- One of the fun things that I am currently working on is a new FREE pattern!  Yes, it is a hat 😛


Lemme know what you think!

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