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My Holiday Vacation: Part I

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I know I did! Hubby and I traveled to see his family who lives a few hours away and his brother and his wife (who we haven’t seen since their wedding) were up from Texas!

The car ride there was boring . . . John and I are just not car trip people. Added to that is the fact that our lovely puppy, Marlow, was tagging along.

To those who travel with children- you have my respect. Marlow decided to spend the entire ride there alternating between sleeping in the back seat looking absolutely adorable  . . .

and the rest of the time whining!

After about five whines I was ready to duct-tape his mouth . . . I didn’t of course because I didn’t have any duct tape I love him and would be wrong. My guess is that he was whining when he was because there was nothing interesting to look at outside.

The past few weeks have brought nothing but cold weather, snow flurries, snow fall, snow . . . snow . . . snow, and even more snow . . did I mention all the freaking snow?!

At any rate, the drive went by a lot quicker because I was working on another hat- the Pearmain from Erssie Knits

This hat was so quick to knit and with the Andean Silk yarn from knit picks is sooooo amazing to knit with. I used size 8 needles, and knitted the medium size. The resulting fabric is so soft and squishy and drapes amazingly.

Well, I am tired and will be finishing telling everyone about my holiday ventures later!


Lemme know what you think!

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