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Simple Living Tip: Internet Window Shopping Saves Gas

Simple living tip= window shopping on the internet saves gas and you can still do it with a friend via phone

And this is what my mother and I were doing the other day- window shopping on the internet. It all started with me noticing a friend’s new purse (and maybe getting a little jealous) and she told me all about this amazing purse and it’s website where you purchase a “base” purse and then “shells” to go around it! No more stacks of purses taking up space- all you need is one purse and you can slip the different shells on it whenever you feel like it!

Miche Bags

They come in a few sizes- a “big bag” that looks like the perfect bag for stashing some knitting that you can pull out whenever the urge strikes . . .

And the “classic” size that is a more normal size for those of you who may not feel like carrying everything they own with them 😛

To make this amazing idea even better- all bags and accessories are 100% animal cruelty free! So not only can you have a kick-butt purse(s) but you can feel good knowing that no animals were harmed for it 🙂

After looking at purses, Amazon was the next stop.

I browsed some (non-breakable) dishes to replace our (chipping and cracking) dishes and couldn’t decide which style I love more . . .

and then was thrilled to see that they also carry matching teapots . . .

Which reminded me that the finishing/paint is peeling off the one I currently have so that may need to be replaced soon as well 😦 Ah- maybe if I get the non-breakable stuff we can stop shelling out money to replace things when they become bad for our health . . . of course the teapot is enamel on steel and I don’t know how that will hold up . . . anyone out there know? Our current one is just a thin layer of what looks like paint on some sort of metal and the paint is peeling and the metal is looking really odd inside . . . not sure what to think . . .

And this reminded me that our plastic tongs (I had to look up what it was called- I always call them the “alligator things” ) are melting and that is most likely not all that great for us either . . . so I found some fun wooden tongs that are only $20.00.

We have just started buying wooden kitchen utensils and I must say that they are much easier to clean that I had anticipated, and it is nice to cook with something that won’t melt in the food!

Getting tired of looking at kitchen stuff, I headed over to an old favorite, Dr.Bronner’s All-Natural Soaps to see if they had any new scents of the Classic Liquid Soaps that hubby and I use. I really can’t say enough good things about these soaps- they smell great, don’t dry your skin out, clean wonderfully, work for shaving, cleaning, even our dog loves to be washed with the soap! They are a little more pricey- but one bottle lasts me about 4 months and one lasts hubby about 2 1/2 months (I still use shampoo and conditioner on my hair and hubby’ soap is used for the dog, some household cleaning, and blocking my knitted garments as well as body soap)

They didn’t have any new scents, but at least they still have our old favorite- citrus and almond

(click on the bottle to see more info)

Feeling a tad disappointed with the lack of new stuff for my soap, I went to Knit Picks and fell in love with the first thing I saw (shocking, I know . . . ) their new yarn- Chroma!

Be honest with yourself- don’t you want to play with all of the color ways? I know I do! I have really wanted to re-make the Danica Scarf with some yarn like this to really highlight the entrelace (sp?) technique.

Then I took a peek at the books they had on sale and spied a few fun ones!

Click on the books for more information.


Well, that was my green shopping trip- no malls, no driving, no gas, no crowds, no swearing (I hate crowds) and I didn’t spend a cent.

What sites do you like to browse? Do you prefer malls to internet shopping?


2 thoughts on “Simple Living Tip: Internet Window Shopping Saves Gas

  1. I know! I’ve got my boyfriend so intuned to my knitting tastes that he got on knitpicks and immediately told me of their new yarn. *sigh* Makes my heart happy!

    • wow, you got a keeper! I was happy that I could talk to hubby about yarn and he actually has just started correcting people when they get crafty terms incorrect- aren’t they the cutest? lol

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