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I Have a Bunch of Owl Minions . . . Don’t You?

Because I am cool like that.

Or not.

Actually these were all holiday gifts for family but it made me think of all the adorable minions from Despicable Me and that makes me smile.

I was browsing the Martha Stewart website (because my crafts don’t take up quite enough of my time already) and ran across this tutorial on How to Make Stuffed Animals from Drawings.  So, about 10 minutes later I was going through our recycling bin, taking out all kinds of cardboard and drawing stuff.

Then I used a roll of tracing paper- which appeared in my craft room without any prior knowledge of where it came from- and made templates.

Next step was dragging out the fabric, pinning the templates to the fabric and cutting them.  I sewed all the outside decorations (eyes, tummies, etc) first and then put the front and backs with the wrong sides facing out and sewed along the edges minus an inch to put the stuffing in.

Below was the first one I did- it was suppose to be a doll for my soon-to-be nephew . . . but I think it is a tad creepy so it may wind up in the back corner of a closet! lol

These were surprisingly quick and easy to make- there will be many more of these in my future . . . ah yes, many more minions!

Oh yeah, Marlow would like everyone to know that he was not impressed with the owl minions taking over the camera spotlight!

What a freakin diva! hahaha


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