Goals for the New Year

Well, another year and another arbitrary time to set goals. Because I love jumping on this bandwagon I will share some of my goals with you:

  • do better upkeep on this website
  • MOVE TO SAVANNA!! Ah, the ocean, the beach, no two-feet of snow to shovel, no college housing, etc
  • finish my thesis
  • create an ebook
  • get a pattern published somewhere
  • continue to learn about new and easy ways to not only live simply but to be more environmentally friendly
  • work out at least three days a week
  • try a new recipe at least once a month
  • release both free knitting and free crochet patterns

Some other goals (that I feel we may all share) are project goals of the knitting variety.  To help everyone out, I have decided to show you the absurd, the goofy, the weird and the cute. To make it better, they are all free and all you have to do is click on the link and be whisked away to a fab pattern! (all are links to Ravelry.com BTW)

Enjoy 🙂

Giant Olive (the "toothpick" is probably a skewer)

I was browsing the discussion board for Drunken Ravelers and stumbled across this pattern. Just wow.

PixieNicki's "Buttercream" Wedding Cake

I am so jealous that I did not think of crocheting a wedding cake and putting two cute dolls on top of it for my wedding!!!!  Ah, live and learn.

Swine Flu Masque

I feel as though there is a Halloween Costume in the making here .  .  .  but I do get a creepy vibe from this! lol

Flying Spagetti Monster

The Flying Spagetti Monster (FSM) is a thing of legend. Now, you can knit your own!

Monster Chunks

Monster Chunks are not only cute, their name is cute as well 🙂


Speaking of cute, I need to start drinking wine ASAP to whip some of these cuties up! Not sure what I would do with them exactly, but I am sure that they would make really neat Christmas decorations (of course now that the tree is down and the season is over) or even put a hook through the hat and make them ornaments!

What are some of your goals for this brand new year?


Lemme know what you think!

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