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Embroidered Pillowcase

The other day I was visiting my mother, who I have inspired to go through her stuff and simplify, and she was offering some of her stuff up for grabs- including some crafty things.

While I appreciate all the things I was able to nab from her, lol, I was particularly excited about some pillowcases that had yet to be embroidered.

When I was growing up I always had a pillowcase that my mother had embroidered to sleep on at night. This is something that I had never really thought about until I moved out and realized that I missed the personal touch that you get to look at every night before bed. For the past few months I have been bugging John about how I wanted to start making some pillowcases to embroider so that I could continue the tradition with us and (much) later, our children.

Below is the first pillowcase that I have finished- I just keep reminding myself that handmade items are not suppose to be perfect, lol.

And, I don’t have the time to show you guys more but here is a sneek peak at a new tutorial and a project that I am (slowly) working on!


3 thoughts on “Embroidered Pillowcase

  1. Christi, you never cease to amaze me with your talents:) The pillowcases remind me of my younger days. I love your pillowcase designs. I can’t wiat to see what you come up with next. Love you, Jonelle(mother-in-law)

    • Thank you for the comment! I didn’t use to see what the big deal was about embroidering but now that I do it I want to embroider everything! lol

      I learned from old craft books that I found at Goodwill and Garage sales- as well as googling some things when I had questions. I would recommend it, it is something that is so fun, easy and surprisingly quick to learn!!

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