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A new backyard!

**Warning: craft-free post ahead**

We finally moved! For those of you lucky enough to not know me in real life- you may be unaware about how awesome, amazing, fantastic it is that we finally were able to get out of our old college housing situation and into an apartment that is (still considered college housing but) about a million times better than where we were living. I say “lucky to not know me” because everyone who does know us in real life has had to endure us complaining about block mold, leaky ceilings, odd smells, loud neighbors, terrible floor, broken appliances, etc. for the better part of a year now and they must have been getting sick of listening to it! Which, to be fair- we were tired of complaining. We located a place in Feb. and were finally able to move in a couple weeks ago.

Anyhow, now that we are all moved and have internet again I want to update everyone on our new “backyard” which is a trail through the woods that leads to a lovely creek.

Right now it is a beautiful sunny day, and these pictures show what Wisconsin looks like when it isn’t snowing and freezing and being generally crappy- yes, two months of loveliness. No- not an exaggeration.

In other news, today I am pulling together my thesis proposal so I can defend it in front a committee so that I can finally start collecting data. Yeah, not exciting except to me who is sick of having my thesis hanging over my head- but this is my blog so there you have it.

We are all doing well, and there is a good chance that with me living by my computer because of the thesis- I will be popping over here and actually blogging on a semi-regular basis.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer so far!!


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