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Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, this is Marlow showing off a blanket that I have started and not finished. He makes it impossible to work sometimes because he assumes that every blanket I make is immediately for him. As in the second it comes off the needles it is for him.


Anyhow, as many of you have noticed (I am sure) the posts here have been non-existent. Several reasons are to blame, but it basically boils down to a) I got a full-time job, b) still working on my thesis, and c) wordpress is very hard to update from my phone.

I am trying to find ways around the latter, which will help with posting but until then here is a small recap of a few things that have happened since I last posted.

This is the Dancing Horse on the Creek thrift store that John and I went to, they are only open a few weekends a year, but it is a very cool store!

I got a haircut. Not earth shattering but it still happened.

Well, that’s all I have time for now. As some people may have already noticed- if you need to ask me a question please use the “contact me” form.

Thanks all!



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