Robots, Robots & More Robots

Ok, I want to know right now why no one has ever told me about Sculpty before.

This magic, wonderful stuff that is made from pure awesomeness kept me busy all weekend! J and I spent pretty much all of Saturday ignoring the snow falling outside and making robot ornaments. He made a robocop, and it turned out great.

Sunday I went a little nuts (more so than usual) and made 14 robots. I came up with five different variations of the robots:

Lovely: a robot with a heart

Sweetie: robots that are hoarders of the sweets



Dottie: robots who are rockin’ out the polka dots


Buddy: a robot who always has a special gift for you

Patches: robots who needed some patches to mend themselves


I had so much fun with these little guys- I already know that I will be making more. Of course I have no idea what I will be doing with all the robots after the holidays are over- these will all be gifted.

I foresee a give-away on this blog in the future of the robot variety… what types of robots would you like to see as a give-away?


4 thoughts on “Robots, Robots & More Robots

  1. Hmm… I’ve never tried it but I would think that any kind of clear finish for models and other projects like that would work. I’ve heard of people using clear nail polish but that seems a little…questionable. Haha.

    • Ah, I never thought of looking at the model section of the craft store!

      I would think that clear nail polish would be very stinky. And could potentially chip 😛

      Thanks for your response!! Hope you are having a fabulous day 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I haven’t played with Sculpey since I was a kid. This post is making me VERY nostalgic. Looks like you got hooked!

    • Hahah! Oh boy, “hooked” is way too mild of a word- I am obsessed with this stuff now! Every day I think about something else that I can make with it!!

      Do you happen to know what type of glossy stuff to use on the finished objects to make them shiny?

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