What I will continue to do…

Happy New Years everyone!!!

While everyone is busy making lists of what they will stop doing, or start doing this year- I wanted to make a list that is a little different. Sometimes I think the New Year’s resolutions is depressing- seriously, if everyone is living that terribly the human race would have snuffed out long ago. I want to focus on the positive as well as what can be changed.

So…this is a list of 10 things that I will continue to do.

1. I will continue to drink coffee. As much as I want.
I love coffee. I drink it black, and I will drink it until I go to bed. This makes me happy and will not change.

2. I will continue to eat eggs…the whole egg.
Eggs are yummy. Screw any health research- I have always eaten eggs with their yolks and my cholesterol is awesome (yes, I just had it checked).

3. I will continue to love and use technology.
There is a trend now to be anti-Facebook/smartphone/etc. I don’t care. I use my phone for freaking everything, I read books on my Nook, and I share photos with my family on Facebook. Believe it or not, but I do still talk to people face to face and enjoy other’s company.

Oh, and text messages are fabulous. Nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise.

4. I will continue to craft.
This one is probably obvious, but it is something that I will continue to do!

5. I will continue to eat fruits and veggies.
This is actually something I do want to improve on in the new year, however I am already eating way more fruits and veggies than I used to so I think it is important to realize that I am improving on something that I already do rather than completely changing an already existing habit.

6. I will continue to play video games.
We just got a Wii and I think this was one of the best purchases we have made! There are so many ways to play video games and move around now- in fact I am planning on doing some Zumba later tonight. I remember playing video games with my little brother when we were growing up, I played video games with John now (Burnout 3 anyone?) and I will continue to enjoy video games 🙂

7. I will continue to read.
I have always read, and now that I have my Nook I am able to read more often and I am always getting new books because of their Free Fridays. I even have been reading healthy reading/living magazines since I don’t have to worry about the paper clutter around the house. This is a good habit that I will have no problem continuing in the new year.

8. I will continue to be sarcastic and positive.
My boss recently told me that “if there was another person as upbeat as you in this office I would go nuts”. I took it as a compliment- and I will continue to be…well, myself!

9. I will continue to try new things.
I tried to make a rug by using a HUGE crochet hook, multiple strands of yarn, and a dollie pattern. It worked great and hubby is excited for me to make more. I am constantly trying new things, and while a lot of them don’t work I tend to remember only the ones that do work- so why be afraid to give it a go?!

10. I will continue to love my campy 80’s horror/comedy movies.
Pretty self explanatory. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Dale and Tucker vs. Evil– go watch it now. You are welcome ❤

What are some things that you will continue to do this year?


Lemme know what you think!

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