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Chunky Orange Rug [crochet]

Finished! I love it and have already started crocheting another rug in red for our kitchen 🙂

I used a really big crochet hook (it is a big plastic hook that I found in my craft room- no clue what the size is on it since it hasn’t got a stamp or anything on it) and two strands of Red Heart yarn in pumpkin to create this. I just used a dollie pattern and modified the last few rows so it wouldn’t be “frilly” and catch on stuff.

It feels amazing on the feet!!

What do you guys think?!


9 thoughts on “Chunky Orange Rug [crochet]

    • I do not believe it is a vintage pattern- I am unsure though, I made it from a pattern that I had in a leaflet so it could have been a vintage pattern that has been reprinted.

  1. you could get this thickness by buying super bulky yarn- but it is cheaper just to double up the Red Heart lol!

    Edit: went to your site and your kitten is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. Myaoo- I used two at a time- i believe I used 6 total with some left over. I think the rug is a little over 3.5 feet wide…but I would have to actually measure it to be exact

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