MY rules for decluttering

There are lots of books, website, lists, etc. out there that are suppose to help with decluttering (or as I prefer to call it- getting rid of useless crap).  Most of these lists are 99% useless. At least for me they are.

In case there is someone else that is like me- I figured I would contribute to the already obscene amount of info on this topic and pull together my own list for how to declutter. If I forget anything please let me know in the comments!

  1. Decluttering doesn’t take [fill in the blank].
    I don’t care what any website/person says, there is no set time for when you are done decluttering. Mainly because the term itself, “decluttering” is such a relative term that placing a rigid timeline on it is just silly. Everyone is different and the crap laying all over your house is different so what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another person. You will be done when you are done.
  2. It is a habit, not a chore.
    Last night hubby and I were putting away our dinner (BBQ meatloaf- heck yeah!) and noticed that out of the whole block of knives sitting on our kitchen counter- we only use 4 of them. We took the four that we use out, found a place for them in our silverware drawer, and got rid of the rest. Viola- there is more room on our counter.
  3. It gets harder to buy stuff.
    You think about where you want it to go, and whether or not it is worth rearranging that shelf to make it fit. And do you really need it anyhow? After all, if you don’t it will just wind up being something that you get rid of later- which means even more work for you!
  4. It gets easier to clean.
    This is pretty simple math that even I can manage- less stuff = less stuff to clean. Awesome right?
  5. Decluttering is a team activity.
    If you live with someone you can not just go through and clean house without them. And if they are not on the same page as you they will keep bringing more stuff in the house. Not cool. It’s annoying in fact. And if they aren’t helping you declutter they don’t realize how annoying it is when you see them bring stuff in that you will just have to get rid of later. To make the process smoother- make decluttering a group activity.
  6. It is ok to drink. 
    Yeah, the end result of decluttering is awesome, but getting there is usually not as rewarding or exciting. As previously mentioned, you should be doing this with your roomie/significant other anyhow.  Chances are neither of you are having fun and the space won’t declutter itself. So, grab a few drinks, start telling some jokes, or just throw on some trashy TV. Doing anything that will make the time fly by will help this process. The first time hubby and I went through our books it took us three hours. Not fun!
    Of course now we have Nooks, so we hardly have any books anyhow!
  7. It is addicting.
    Once you start- you love the fact you have less stuff laying around. This does not mean you get rid of everything in your wake- it does mean that you get rid of the stuff you don’t actually care about  and that leads to ….
  8. Your reward is being able to see the things that you actually care about.
    Sounds odd, but the truth is without all the useless stuff everywhere you actually see the items you do care about- whether they are photos, books, paintings, blankets, etc.  Because decluttering gives you the reward of seeing what you care about, the ultimate result is…
  9. Your home will be a happy place.
    And why wouldn’t it? All those annoying things that you never want to clean are gone, and you can now see all the things that you care about.and the last thing I have to say about decluttering?
  10. Once you figure it out, you will realize how useless all those things you read were.
    Yes, including this post.

Any other helpful tips? I love comments!!

FYI: Don’t ask why I chose the pic of the dog. No it has nothing to do with decluttering but it’s cute, this is my post, and this is my blog- just enjoy the adorableness 🙂 For more adorable pictures head over here!


2 thoughts on “MY rules for decluttering

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  2. Good list but I do have one comment. If you are not sure/ready to get rid of something – put it in a box, label the box then tape it up. Put the box somewhere out of sight. After a certain time period (you have to decide this) if you don’t miss it – then throw it out.

    And about #10 – no, I don’t think reading your post is useless.

    Love you

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