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Green Ripples

Wow has this month flown by so far!

Marlow agrees. Actually he couldn’t care less- but he got in the way when I was trying to take pictures of my afghan so I took some goofy shots of him.

These two photos are the closest tho the actually colors of the afghan.

Anyhow, now that we got the puppy cuteness out of the way- here is the green afghan I made for our living room couch. I am working on a few other blankets (since I am nuttier than Jif) and wanted a break from the more tedious patterns so I whipped up this blanket.

I made it from Red Heart “Paddy Green” and “Hunter Green” with a size K crochet hook.  I made a long chain that was a multiple of 8 and did two rows of each color. I am not sure how many skeins I used- but it was a lot because I went through a bag and sent darling hubby to get more.

Sorry for the lousy lighting- I will try to take better pictures when the sun decides to stay out for more than ten minutes at a time.

I am trying to write a longer blog post here- but this was honestly such a simple blanket that I didn’t even use a pattern or think about it… I just wanted something pretty to throw on my couch. Of course now I want another blanket for when hubby and I don’t want to share… or when Marlow decides that he wants to have a blanket all to himself (for a small dog you wouldn’t think he could be such a cover hog!)… any thoughts on what color to do? I was thinking a pretty blue…

Leave any comments or thoughts below! I love hearing from you guys ❤


5 thoughts on “Green Ripples

  1. I need to make this, too. I’ve been looking at these two colors recently, so I think it’s a sign. Please elaborate on the pattern just a wee bit. Thanks!

  2. That looks like a huge blanket! A lot of work. Two shades of blue for a second one would be lovely. Beautiful dog, by the way 🙂

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