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Vintage Baby Blanket

Wow, just realized that I wrote this about 8 months ago and never published it!! Well, better later than never right?

Well, the blanket itself isn’t vintage- I made it recently out of Caron Simply Soft in this really, really pretty deep purple.

This is the first blanket I have made out of simply soft- I am really hoping this stuff can hold up- the label says it is washable and dryable but the only things I have made out of this yarn before were scarves and hats and I hand-wash those anyhow. . .

Of course I managed to not finish it to the last minute. By last minute I of course mean that I was sitting in the hotel room frantically working the border (a basic 3 rows of dc and 1 finishing row of sc . . . totally winged it but I don’t think anyone noticed) and finally the dreading weaving in of all the loose ends. I seriously hate this part of finishing items up- I think it is because I can see how pretty the FO is, but to weave in the ends I need to flip it to the wrong side (thus hiding the prettiness) and then weave and cut ends, hoping that it isn’t a futile effort that will make no difference in a few washings when all the loose ends come out anyhow. When that happens I just poke the loose ends back down w/ my finger and pretend they don’t exist. That seems to be more effective than actually trying to fix the darn thing!

Anyhow, back to me not actually having the baby blanket finished the morning of the baby shower- I blocked it and placed it in front of our AC hoping that it would magically dry it out. Nope, no magically powers over here. So I wound up drying it at my IL’s dryer and had to take it out (still slightly damp) right as we were heading out of the door.

And this is where the question comes in: since babies are apparently very messy once they figure out the whole sitting up and eating solid foods bit, why on earth are so many baby things in light colors? Wouldn’t make more sense for them to wear darker colors that hide every stain know to man(er, baby)kind?


One thought on “Vintage Baby Blanket

  1. It’s a matter of economics – if you were selling baby clothes, wouldn’t you want people to buy lots of them ?

    Love the blanket.

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