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Homemade Shea Body Butter

I am starting to get into the whole DIY beauty thing. It makes sense- the skin is our largest organ and it most likely puts up with the most abuse! For a while I have been using an olive oil/castor oil mixture to remove my make-up and I have been so thrilled with the results. Even better is when I run out- all I have to do is spend a few seconds making some more and I am good to go!

Anyhow, with the success of the easy peasy make-up remover you would have thought that I would be looking more into what else I can make with a few household ingredients. But not so much, I still hadn’t been entire converted.

Then Pinterest happened. I have been on this site for quite a while now- you can view my profile here. Now there was an easy way to see all the amazing things that I could do!

At any rate- the homemade shea body butter was at the top of my list, I love the stuff from Bath and Body but the price tag is a little steep and who knows what chemicals are in there!

I purchased some essential oils and unrefined shea butter via and got to work.

Here is the recipe that I used for my first batch:

  1. 1 c Shea Butter
  2. 1/2 c Coconut Oil
  3. 1/2 c Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. Lavender Essential Oil
  5. Lemon Essential Oil
  6. Clove Essential Oil

And these are the steps I used-

  1. Placed all oil in a medium glass pot and turned stove top burner on the medium heat setting. Stir constantly until all oil is melted and in liquid state.
  2. Carefully (remember peeps- this is hot oil!) pour everything in a ceramic or glass bowl
  3. Add oils to your liking (I did 20 drops each of the lavender and lemon, 10 drops clove)
  4. Stir with metal spoon.
  5. Put in fridge until the top layer is solidifying
  6. Using the metal spoon, stir really really fast to “whip” it

The result is a shiny and yummy smelling creme. The unrefined shea butter, while the most natural and best to use for this purpose, was not what the poster on Pinterest used so I was not prepared for the strong “nutty” smell. While I am a fan of my first batch- I immediately noticed some things that I will modify for my second batch.

  • I will use almond or grape seed oil next time- the olive oil did not help cut down the smell of the shea butter- and I think actually made the smell even stronger
  • The lavender smell was completely lost because of the combo of the shea and olive oil- I will use rose oil next time
  • I need to pay closer attention to the mixture once I place it in the fridge- some of the mixture had really hardened and that make it harder to whip it

Overall though- I am so happy with the results! It works wonderfully, no dry skin at all. Also, I don’t want anyone to be scared off by the nutty smell of the unrefined shea butter that I mentioned previously- once it absorbs into your skin the smell is so faint that it completely disappears within an hour. To make sure I even had a co-worker smell me (oddly enough she didn’t bat an eye when I asked her if I smelled odd or nutty).

Looking forward to making a second batch and using the essential oils to make my own perfume!

Have any of you experimented with making your own body lotion? What did you do?


Lemme know what you think!

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