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& this is my favorite time-sink at the moment… – if you are not on this site yet you are missing out!!! I have been on it for about a year now- and I have the amount of pins to show for it (1,715 pins/59 boards).

Think of this as your virtual mood board, scrap book, visual book marking tool.

Below is a screenshot of some of my boards:

As you can plainly see- I have no life but have found tons of amazing things on the interwebs!!

Here is a closer look at some of my boards (click on the images to go to the board):

The best part for pinning patterns- when you “pin” something, it automatically saves the site that you pinned it on so you can go back for the pattern, instructions, etc. whenever you are ready to actually use it!

Below is my board for knitting:

And then I have a board that is crochet:

And even one for sewing….

Of course Pinterest is not just crafts, I have quite a few work-dedicated boards for marketing, computer software, design, etc.

And then there is one board are a few boards purely to make me smile ….

Oh, and the ability to pin recipes is AWESOME!! I actually have tried quite a few of these and it is beyond convenient to have all of them in one place!

Doesn’t everything look delicious?  And yeah, that is a cauliflower pizza crust that you spied- gluten free and a healthy dose of veggies in one recipe- double whammy!!

And-since it is me- there is also an entire board dedicated to ideas for a Halloween party. Yeah- you are all invited… as soon as I get the house of my dreams. I will keep everyone appraised of that situation …. until then look how cool it will be!!

Yeah, shrunken apple heads, throwing up pumpkins, cheese stick severed fingers, wormy ice cubes (this one isn’t in the screenshot)- and a few DIY grim reapers thrown in the mix… *sigh* … can any one else see how awesome it will be?

Anyhow, any one else on Pinterest? What are your thoughts? I managed to get most of my friends hooked- I am a good influence like that.


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