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I’m seeing spots

So the earlier post was a preview of a blanket that I am starting based around simple motifs because I will be going on vacation and will need something to keep myself busy for the (very) long car ride down to Savannah, GA!

If you recall, the motifs were slightly different- the inner circle were only one color and the edging was also a tad different.

Well, this is an adaptation of the Spinner block in the book 200 Crochet Blocks, and I was going to do all the motifs in only two colors (one bright and all blocks edged with cream yarn) but then I stumbled across this particular project and completely changed my mind…


Oddly enough, I swear the circles are going by quicker with the two colors.

Even better, this is using up the random skeins of yarn I had laying around because I stink at trying to guess how many yards a project will take up. I will have to pick up a bunch of cream yarn, and a few more colors (I didn’t have much of the bright blue and that is my favorite)

So far these are my modifications:

  • Completely ignoring the book’s color scheme. Doing Rounds 1 and 2 in one bright color, doing Round 3 in different, contrasting bright color
  • Start with the cream yarn on Round 4
  • Still using the cream yarn, I skip the instructions for Round 5 and instead repeat the instructions for Round 6 twice- I think this makes cleaner corners than following what the book said
I am still uncertain whether the three rounds of cream is too much, or just enough… the pillow that inspired me only has two rounds of the light background but it just doesn’t seem like enough when I only do two rounds…. what are your thoughts?


I have tried to guestimate how many squares I will need for a finished blanket big enough to cover our bed…. it’s a lot. The most motifs that I will most likely ever make.

196 blocks.

Yup. That’s what I get for grabbing a size H crochet hook.


So far I have made 6 full squares, and 30 circles. For those of you playing at home- that is a whooping 3% of the total blocks and a meagerly more impressive 15% of the dots done.

Last night I was worrying that if I did too much prior to leaving I wouldn’t have enough to do on the car ride.

Yeah, I am so not worried anymore.

So- hows about a fun poll …. it is a 22 hour ride each way, we will be staying in hotels each way for the night, and we will be spending 6 days on vacation in Savannah. How far do you think I will get on the blanket?


Lemme know what you think!

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