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Progress has been made

Well, this project was a great way to pass the time when I was in the car and not driving- and I was able to get about 40% done during the trip! Below are some of the pictures of the strips that I have done (obviously all unblocked)

I really like how the blankets has circles, diamonds, and squares- although I am hoping it will look a lot neater after I finish it and block it…

I am joining them with a raised sc border on the top, as per hubby’s request. I couldn’t decide what type of join to use to connect the motifs together and this is the one he picked out- does he have a great eye or what?!

And Marlow has already claimed it as his own… even though it is not even half sewn together!

Silly puppy- thinking all the blankets in the house are for him!

Current count, 92 completed squares out of 196 …  almost 47% done with all squares …


8 thoughts on “Progress has been made

  1. This is beautiful. It came out really nice. The puppy is adorable, too. 🙂 What a sweet face. Do you have or know where directions are for making that kind of agranny square?

  2. Nice! all these granny squares I’m seeing is making me want to start another project! I too crochet while in the car; a lot of progress can be made during that time!

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