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Tuscon Sunshine

In the true spirit of this blog, I finished this blanket months ago and have finally now gotten the pictures to blog about it.

I noticed the Tuscon throw pattern a long time ago- but never really thought much of it until I saw people making it in all one color.

Oh my goodness is this blanket pretty!

After seeing several people making it out of white and ivory I had to make one myself. But having a blanket that is white or ivory just seems like it is begging for disaster so instead I opted for a jewel-toned gold color that manages to brighten up the room without hurting your eyes.

I used a I crochet hook, and about 10 skeins of Red Heart Super Savers in Gold.

I joined the main motifs as I went, and half way through decided to create and join the filler motifs as I went along as well. Looking back on it I wish I would have done that the entire time.

One other thing I would have done: weave in the ends as I went. Seriously- I am 90% certain that time stood still while I secured and weaved in all those darn ends. According to hubby it only took a two nights of watching tv (hello Supernatural) but since he also claims there wasn’t a “million” ends I am not sure if I want to believe him.

Marlow didn’t believe him either…

At any rate- I am loving our new afghan and it is perfect for spring and rainy weather!

And I haven’t heard any complaints from Marlow… lol!


For more images of the blanket see the gallery below:


3 thoughts on “Tuscon Sunshine

  1. Beautiful – I am sure that Marlow loves “his” new throw. Nice color, then you know that I love bright colors.

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