Why this Blog is so quiet….


This is how my Fridays start out- coffee date with a friend before we drag ourselves into work!

I know I haven’t been posting as of late- but there is a very good reason. Currently both hubby and I are looking to move and are job searching. So, these activities are taking up all our free time.

Ok, I lied- I am still crocheting and knitting and such, but I haven’t had time to post them.

Here are some teasers of what I will be (eventually) posting on:




I do miss my blog- and I will hopefully have time to get around to posting something and answering questions later this weekend!



2 thoughts on “Why this Blog is so quiet….

  1. Moving is sooo hard and exhausting both mentally and physically. And even when you hate a place it can be taxing emotionally with the leaving and then trying to make the new place feel like home. Can’t wait to see your projects in their entirety and good luck with your move!

  2. You are always in my thoughts and heart – AND – I want the pattern for that amazing granny square ! ! !

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