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Stained Glass Afghan

Here is one of my works in progress (slow progress)

This is a crochet block that I discovered via Pinterest: Julie Anny’s Stained Glass Afghan Square

Remember the Green Ripples Afghan? Yeah, well…. I think I used too high of a gauge for it so it was really stretchy so I decided to frog it. I am using the Paddy Green and Hunter Green from that, as well as some Real Teal that I already had for another project to make my own stained glass afghan.


I will be making this for our bed, so it will be 10x 10 motifs- 100 motifs total.

So far I have 33 made, 30 sewn together (not blocked)

I was hoping this would be a project I could finish with the yarn on hand- but I really stink at guessing how much yarn I need.

I will only be able to get about 40% done before I run out of my two greens.

So, until we move, this will be a project that will be in progress. Hopefully we will be able to move and get settled quickly- I would love this to be our autumn blanket for the bed.






2 thoughts on “Stained Glass Afghan

    • Thanks- I was apprehensive about the pattern at first too (my crochet skills are no where near my knitting skills) but turns out that this is an incredibly simple pattern!! Give it a go and you will be thrilled with the results!… and I would love to see pictures!

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